Talk the Walk

How to cut through, be heard and build influence

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This is a unique mentoring programme for mid-career leaders in businesses, charities and social enterprises who have a big mission.

This is ideal professional development for someone within a growing ethical business or charity, tasked with leading campaigns or turning heads.

It suits entrepreneurs with a mission to improve, challenge or innovate around systemic problems, tech or social / climate justice.

  • 1:1 mentoring to shape and develop your story
  • Supporting pitching, written statements and public speaking 
  • Practicing podcast and media interviews
  • Building influence and getting invited to key meetings
  • Knowing who to talk to, when and how
  • Introductions to potential collaborators and champions

Clarity, confidence and strategy for change-makers who want to get in front of a wider audience. Our expert mentors are holistic in their approach, and will help you build your own blueprint of visibility and influence.

January – June 2024.
Mix of face-to-face and online – flexed around your schedule.

✓  A mix of 90 minute face-to-face and online meetings

✓ Invitation to events, networking and behind-the-scenes

✓ Walk-and-talks, creative planning, mapping ideas

✓ Practice and for-real media interviews

✓ Background research, case studies, data

✓ Tools to help focus and prioritise

✓ One lead mentor, with input from other experts

✓ Introductions to VIPs, journalists, publishers, collaborators and event producers where appropriate

Richard Freeman

Richard Freeman
Lead Mentor

A quick quiz

When it comes to people in business and charities leading social and environmental change – knowing how to talk about it is key.

  • Are you a campaigner or an advocate?
  • Are you a headliner or more of a motivator?
  • Do you like to be experimental, and take creative risks?
  • Or are you a more gifted facilitator of collective ideas?

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