Evaluation & Strategy

Don’t just dream of changing the world.

Know how to do it.

Economic Impact & Project Evaluation

We measure the real-world impact of your projects, providing clear evidence of your contribution to economic growth and community development.

So what? You get to showcase tangible results and make the case for further investment in your vision.

Strategic Review & Theory of Change:

We clarify your goals and how you’ll achieve them.

So what? This ensures every effort is mission-driven, making your team feel more focused and effective.

Data Collection, Analysis, & Visualisation

We turn data into practical insights and cases for change.

So what? You make informed decisions, backed by evidence, enhancing efficiency and reach.

Stakeholder Engagement

We facilitate meaningful conversations with your community.

So what? This builds trust and ensures your outcomes are grounded in the needs and aspirations of your ecosystem.


Images from some examples of projects and campaigns we've worked on

What problems are you solving. For who? And how can you scale it?

You can use research and evaluation to strengthen every part of your work. Our team have the tools and expertise to measure your impact, and to make recommendations on what comes next.

We can scan the horizon, and draw together useful, visual reports on what is happening around you, and where the opportunities are.

What would be helpful to you?

  • collecting and analysing data
  • auditing and mapping opportunities
  • presenting findings in clear and accessible ways for any audience
  • helping design new projects and approaches

We can help with:

always possible are not bogged down by the systems that large organisations often have in place, so can respond quickly. We can also trust them to have a broad view of issues – they speak to lots of people and organisations, so they keep up to date with current thinking.

Their attitude towards continual learning is helpful; they take on board new thoughts and are able to adapt these to deliver tailored solutions.

Sarah Bennetts, West Sussex County Council